The terms "seminar," "workshop," "lecture" and "conference" are often used interchangeably .At the most basic level, seminars are educational events that focus on specific subjects and bring together small groups, and attendees are encouraged to ask questions and express their opinion on the topic. A lecture, on the other hand, offers little or no opportunity for discussion, while workshops involve hands-on activities, exercises and demonstrations. Seminars are less interactive than workshops and last for just a few hours. Workshops can last for days and require attendees to brainstorm ideas, engage in debates and interact with each other.

Generally, people who attend seminars receive in-depth information or training about a specific topic, such as starting a business or marketing through social media. Speakers discuss the topic, share success stories, and make video presentations and more. These events are often designed for those who want to learn more about a topic or get expert insights. They may also appeal to those who are experts in their field and wish to expand their knowledge or stay on top of the latest industry trends.

Seminars Extend Your Networking Opportunities

Attending seminars provides an excellent way for business people to network. Meeting Professionals International, a global association for meeting and event professionals, stresses in its mission the importance of human connections for success in business. Seminars, especially if you get to them early, allow you plenty of time to network with the other attendees. You can get new business or meet people who could help you in the future. If you stay at the office, only concentrating on daily tasks, you miss meeting some potentially valuable contacts.

Therefore to expanding economic collaboration, bilateral ties and boosting cooperation ICC is arranging Seminar and Business Opportunities Meeting, the following is major events held by:

-         Meeting of provincial  Chamber of Cooperatives Representatives with Trade Representation of Russian Federation Embassy in Iran Sep, 2017

-         Iran- Oman Business Opportunity Meeting October, 2018

-          Iran- Qatar  Business Opportunity Meeting January , 2019

-         Iran- Iraq  Business Opportunity Meeting September , 2019

-         Iran- Kazakhstan Business Opportunity Meeting  June 2019

-         Introducing Iran- India Business Opportunity Meeting December, 2019

-         Iran- Afghanistan Business Opportunity Meeting  June Aug 28, 2019

-         Iran- Syria Business Opportunity Meeting  

-         Iran- Croatia Business Opportunity Meeting  

-         Iran- Armenia Business Opportunity Meeting  

-         Iran- Turkey Business Opportunity Meeting  

-         A joint seminar on the role of women in cooperatives between the South African Embassy in Tehran and the Iran Chamber of Cooperatives 

-         The second edition of the Iran Chamber of Cooperatives (ICC) and the Embassy of South Korea Joint Seminar on Cooperatives Affairs

-         first joint workshop on ‘Supply Chain Management, E-commerce and International Marketing’ between the South Korea Embassy in Tehran and the Iran Chamber of Cooperatives 

-         Symposium on Trade Networking Among Co-operatives