Business Delegations

As technology creates leaps in communication, transportation, and financial flows, the world continues to feel smaller and smaller. It is possible for companies and consumers to conduct business in almost any country around the world thanks to advances in international trade.

One of the appropriate ways to develop exports and expand economic relations with target countries is to dispatch and hosting Business delegation to these countries. Undoubtedly, dispatch and hosting Business delegation abroad can give more depth to the negotiations than individual business trips, and even the first meeting and negotiation with the parties concerned can lead to the conclusion of definitive and real business contracts.

It can be boldly stated that the achievements of individual and personal movements and travel to other countries, even if planned and implemented in a completely scientific and specialized way, in addition to having very high costs, the possibility of negotiating and attending meetings with senior officials will not be possible.

However, in a delegation, much higher commercial and economic achievements are achieved, while dispatch a delegation is completely planned and calculated part of the costs of admission of trade, marketing and investment delegations can be paid if the necessary financial resources are provided within the framework of specific regulations.

In addition to the Iran Trade Promotion Organization (TPO), ICC also is executor dispatching, as well as hosting international business delegations in the country.









 Thus, one of the most important legal duties of ICC with 31 provincial chambers to enhance economic relations is hosting and dispatching business delegations from/to all over the world.

Among ICC’s activities with respect to hosting and dispatching business delegations the following can be mentioned as salient features.

v Dispatching business delegations

-         Cuba, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Chile, Bolivia and Venezuela July 2016 in order to cooperation development between Iranian and Latin America cooperatives

-         Canada, September 2016 in order to attend International cooperative conference in Quebec, Development of cooperative network: introduction to more than 100 cooperatives in the world and participation in business between the cooperative and other cooperatives of different countries.

-         China, October 2016 in order to attend Conference of Chinese Cooperatives.

-         India, November 2016 in order to attend 12th  General Assembly of the International Cooperative Alliance  in the Asia-Pacific  region and achieving the position of the board of directors of  ICA-Ap

-         Vietnam, March 2017, Participation in 10th Assembly of cooperative ministers in Asia-Pacific region.

-         Chania, May 2017, Participation in to financial educational summit of China.

-         Turkey September 2017, in order to participate in international conference of food and agriculture products in Middle East region

-         Turkey October 2017, in order to participate in exclusive exhibition of I.R.I and 23th international exhibition of packaging industry of Turkey.

-         Malaysia October 2017, participating in the summit of ICA board of directors (ICA-AP), attending the meeting of business committee in Kuala Lumpur and setting up booths for introduction of cooperative section of Iran.

-         Turkey September 2017, in order to participate in the conference of efficient energy in building and construction in Turkey.

-         Russia, February 2018, participating in common commission of economic cooperation between Iran and Russia, Visit to consumption cooperative sector of Russia.

-         Nepal, March 2018, participating in the meeting of ICA board of directors (ICA-AP) and national conference of Nepal cooperatives.

-         Qatar, April 2018, Participating  in common commission of economic cooperation between Iran and Qatar

-         Oman, June 2018, Participating  in common commission of economic cooperation between Iran and Oman

-         Iraq, December 2018, attending in dispatching delegation with Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

-         Turkey, Feb, 2019, Dispatching the representatives of provincial chambers in order to participate in the conference of relations development between Iran and Turkey in Van, the  purpose of this conference  was for utilization of  cooperative section members and Musiad  community , in current economic situations

-         Iraq, Feb 2019 Attending  the dispatching delegation with President of I.R.I

-         Vietnam, March 2019, Participating in the meeting of ICA board of directors (ICA-AP)

-         Syria, April  2019, Dispatching business delegation to Syria in the fields of knowledge base- petrochemical – agriculture- dairy and services

-         Swiss, June 2019, Participating in the summit of International Labour Organization and signing MOU between ICA and ILO

-         Rwanda Oct, 2019, Participating in the ICA International conference in Kigali, Rwanda.

v Hosting business delegations

-         South Africa, April 2018, accepting the African Economic delegation which was active in some fields such as food, finance, petrochemicals, engineering and chemicals.

-         Turkey, October 2018, Accepting Turkish business delegation from city of Trabzon

-         Turkey, January 2019, Accepting the 18-member business delegation from Turkey in the fields of tourism, hotel and construction industries.

-         Syria, February 2019, Accepting private sector activists of Syria for familiarity with the Capabilities of Cooperative Sector of Iran in the fields such as Food, Plastic, Automotive, Automobile Tires, Detergents and Construction Industries.

-         Iraq, February 2019, Accepting delegation of Basra Chamber of Commerce.