The president of the ICC is elected by the board for a three-year term.

The president is in charge of all the administrative affairs of the chamber,

which is also chaired by the board of directors. Currently, Bahman Abdollahi is the president of ICC.




















 Bahman Abdollahi has more than three decades of experience in the Iranian Cooperative Movement and has held positions such as member of the board of the I.R.Iran Broadcasting’s Consumer Cooperative, the CEO and chairman of the board of the National Union of Government Employees' Consumer Cooperatives (ESKAD) and two terms of membership in the board of ICC. During his tenure, he has always tried to develop the cooperative sector, especially the activities of consumer cooperatives in the country. Bahman Abdollahi was elected as the president of the ICC in February 2014. He believes that the development of cooperative movement in the country will lead to a fair distribution of wealth, reduce the class gap in society, increase employment and improve the quality of life in society.