Legal Consultancy



Everything is regulated by law - from our property and jobs to our social interactions with others, be it personal or professional - and running a business is no different. Business incorporation, management, compliance and even shutting down the shop is regulated by law, and a cooperative society faces numerous legal hurdles in its lifetime. Therefore, legal consultancy is the best way for cooperative societies to handle their legal needs.

What is A Legal consultancy of Chamber of Cooperatives?

Legal consultancy of a Chamber of Cooperatives is a legal professional who is qualified as an advocate or a paralegal and provides legal assistance, services and consultation to members of chamber. When it comes to businesses, a legal consultant is responsible for providing legal advice and assistance in handling disputes, analysing and identifying the legal issues, drafting the legal documents, maintaining legal correspondence, etc.

Legal Consultant’s Responsibilities for members of ICC

The main role and responsibility of a legal consultant are to provide assistance to the ICC members in all its legal matters. A legal advisor also provides guidance and support for documentation, negotiations, litigation, registrations, legal compliance, and keeping the overall legal health of the cooperators in check.