Iranian Cooperative Week
The Message of ICC’s President on the occasion of Iranian Cooperative Week
The Message of ICC’s President on the occasion of Iranian Cooperative Week

Today, the effectiveness of the cooperative economy in creating a regulated and planned presence of individuals in economic activities is clear to everyone. The main principles of general policies of Article 44 of the Constitution and the provisions of the resistance economy and the economic package proposed by the Islamic Consultative Assembly emphasize the democratization of the economy. Fortunately, last year we witnessed important events for the progress of the cooperative affairs, the main point was the opportunity to present the views and demands of the cooperative sector in the presence of the Supreme Leader of the country. He confirmed the efficiency of cooperatives in mobilizing capitals and once again emphasized his support to this people-based sector. The presence of a number of ministers and the president of the IR Central Bank and the deputies of the Judiciary, and … at Iran Chamber of Cooperatives, the signing of MOU’s and meetings with the heads of triple pillars and the opportunity to present views from the parliamentary rostrum, and the proposed of Iran Chamber of Cooperatives to appoint a committee to monitor the implementation of the adopted laws in the field of cooperatives was the result. Effective attendance at meetings of councils and supreme assemblies, including the Monetary and Credit Council; Supreme Council of the Stock Exchange; High Council of Assignment; The Supervisory Council for the implementation of the general policies of Article 44 and the Council for the Development of Non-Oil Exports and the specialized parliamentary commissions and the Government-Private Sector Dialogue Council and …results in creating trust for the relevant authorities and economic decision-making which consequences are being realized. Also in the international arena, the use of the membership mechanism in the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) and the presence of ambassadors and business associates of different countries at ICC provided situations to help export development. All these measures and many others are done entirely in line with the facilitation and planning of Iran Chamber of Cooperatives to open the way for the cooperatives to move forward.

Of course, the presence of the ICC’s representatives in the primary tax and insurance boards has played an effective role in helping to meet the demands of beneficiary cooperatives, and any success is the result of extensive interactions between company and union managers and cooperative chambers, specialized commissions showing cooperation among cooperators and we hope that it will be continued as before. Iran Chamber of Cooperatives has been preparing for a large gathering during Cooperative Week, which has been postponed due to restrictions of Covid-19. Happy Cooperative Week to all the Cooperators in Iran

Bahman Abdollahi